I’m saying it again. The Chevy logo on the Man U kits are ugly as hell.

serious question. are the beckhams at the man u vs galaxy game???

Van Gaal said he’s not a fan of the LA traffic because it made the team late to the Rose Bowl yesterday. hahahhahahahaha. 

1. No one likes LA traffic. 

2. Amateur mistake of not allotting enough time to get from one place to another. 

you should be a pal and give me the link, please and thanks :)


I was cringing from the very beginning lol. But the entire thing wasn’t too bad hah.

It’s not that Ronaldo’s English is bad, because it isn’t, but why didn’t they just get a translator that can speak Portugese? I mean I’m sure there is someone who speaks Japanese and Portugese.

I’m going to watch the interview Cristiano Ronaldo just did in Japan and I know 110% I’m going to be cringing the whole time from the one gif I’ve seen going around.